Lucid Valleys

Did you ever have a bad date… in space?

Lucid Valleys is a story about Fox & Eldon, two people who go on a date in a Lucid Dream… and then meet – completely drunk, and by accident – in real life. Fox is ecstatic… Eldon panics and runs.

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Fox is an author without family, searching for answers about her heritage. Eldon is a drifter, sustaining his ridiculous lifestyle by working for mysterious, ethereal people he doesn’t know much about.

Developing Lucid Valleys

Vincent is currently creating the series bible. We have a draft of the first episode, and a rough outline for a few seasons. If you want to hear a pitch, get in touch via our Contact page.

We are also eager to hear from filmmakers who want to work with us to produce a three-minute teaser based on the pilot episode!

Lucid Valleys is an original screenplay written by actor Vincent Gwyn, starring in the role of Eldon.

Vincent Gwyn has his own website, where he wrote about the project himself.

He can also be found on IMDb, Spotlight, Twitter, and Instagram.

Vincent has a background in story, having worked in the London video games industry before starting his career as an actor. He acted as a writer for Junction Shark, and was part of the localisation team for Square Enix on ‘Final Fantasy XIV’, and for SEGA on ‘Binary Domain’ and ‘Sonic Generations’.

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Engaging, unique, insane and original. I want to know what the hell is going on!

James Murrell, Actor

Eh, it’s alright I guess. Now let me sleep, please.

Vincent Gwyn